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3 reasons why Atheism is defeating Christianity?

Friends, The anger about the Indiana law protecting expression of Religion is truly difficult to believe. But, why is Atheism defeating Christianity? First, they control the messaging; second, they use hatred and aggression to quiet their opposition; and lastly Christians … Continue reading

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Kansas defends Christians

Friends, This should already have been done. As I have blogged, the gay agenda is not friendly to Christians, to our religious faith, or especially our religious practice. CNN Article on Kansas law. This is not what my ancestors got … Continue reading

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How are Ukrainian Atheists different?

Friends, One of the main differences in Ukrainian Culture from American Culture, and also other Slavic Cultures, is their attitude about Religion. Especially among Atheists. Now I have met American Atheists who also behave and believe like this, but they … Continue reading

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Why don’t we use the Golden Rule?

Fellow internet junkies, Why is it we always use and abuse common sense, values, money, and other people? We know that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us …. Jesus said that 2,000 years … Continue reading

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The Sexual Revolution

Anyone? Can you tell me how the sexual revolution is ‘good’ for people? And so you know, I have wanted to write about this for some of my Ukrainian friends for some time. It seems in Russia and Ukraine, they … Continue reading

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Even a Muslim admits Muslims are exterminating Christians.

Friends, I wrote about BBC totally missing the mark on the number of Christians persecuted and killed world wide. Now, BBC reported on the issue again, but this time, they were a little more accurate. It is scary how Christians … Continue reading

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A Lutheran pastor on faith and the Bible

Originally posted on Churchmouse Campanologist:
In an attempt to provide apologetics for a Lutheran reader concerning Christ’s miracles, I began on Friday with an examination of Christ’s nature from Luther’s Small Catechism. Today’s post addresses the human tendency to complicate…

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Obama orders Christians to be attacked.

Readers, Whether you are a Christian or not, the outright refusal of our Government to protect the Christian world view from attack is outrageous. Whether it is our President building mosques around the world, as his friends destroy churches. Whether … Continue reading

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Why is Christianity so difficult for the modern world?

Have you noticed just how difficult it is for the ‘modern’ human to accept Christianity? It used to be that people struggled with Jesus rising from the dead, or understanding the Trinity, or just deciding to actively follow Jesus. Now? … Continue reading

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