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I stand with Paris

Friends, I stand with Paris against terror. The best way to slow down the terror is what Holland just ordered, close the borders until you can separate terrorists from peace loving Muslims. If that takes a day, or 100 years. … Continue reading

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The perfect postaday.

It was wonderful, but not as spectacular as I thought it would be. But, definitely it was on my bucket list. Have you ever read the perfect blog post? The perfect blog of the day? The perfect blog for the … Continue reading

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Why did America turn gay?

Can anyone tell me why? Or, are you reading this for me to break it down for you? If your search engine search brought you here, you may not have been one of the over a thousand people who read … Continue reading

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Why Progressives hate being called Socialists.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but American Socialists like being called ‘Progressive,’ and they hate being called the Socialists they are. For a long time, I thought it was because their form of Socialism is really Fascism. … Continue reading

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Am I a bigot for believing in Jesus?

Some of you may believe that. But, am I the bigot? Or are those who attack Christianity the bigots? I tolerate gays, and I tolerate those within the gay agenda. But, many within the gay atheist agenda do not tolerate … Continue reading

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