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How good is your geography?

Friends, I just tried a BBC challenge about geography. BBC Can you do better than I did? Wayne Advertisements

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BBC propaganda about Ukraine

Friends, I will start with their link, BBC News. Then let me walk through their data and point out the obvious errors. They first pointed out that former President Viktor Yanukovych got filthy stinking rich. That was true. Then they … Continue reading

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BBC fakes the earthquake news

Friends this gets old. How did Orwell know that they would constantly re-write history? How did he know you would remember truth, but be dazzled by all the supposed ‘news?’ Recent LA area quake. OK, they claim it was the … Continue reading

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Is Iran buying nuclear weapons from the same people Iraq was?

Readers, This news article is bizarre. BBC reported Iranian agents were trying to buy almost weapons grade uranium from the same source they said Iraq (Saddam Hussein) was buying uranium from. Who were the Iranian agents? The USA. I really … Continue reading

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