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The expected. My current home of Yaroslavl is part of Russia’s Golden Ring, a cluster of beautiful and ancient towns that remain a point of pride for Russians.  Just two years ago, Yaroslavl celebrated its 1,000th…

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Terror in Ukraine

Friends, This one does not make sense. Ukraine has not been a politically motivated country. But, still terrorist spread bombs and fear throughout one of the largest cities in Ukraine…. Bomb Blasts in Ukraine. What can we do to make … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Church ….

Friends, I noticed I have some readers from Ethiopia. That country (& that area of Africa) was once home to a strong center of Christianity. The Ethiopic Church was a leader in early Christianity. The centuries and the Islamization of … Continue reading

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Bordeaux France as seen through the eyes of a fellow blogger. The baby is cute! Looks so much like my cousin’s baby when he was that age, I thought for a second, “I am on the wrong page.” Wayne

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The historic walled city at the southernmost tip of Croatia is as exceptional from the ground as it is from the sky. Massive stone walls run high and low, encircling the Old Town of…

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Healthy Junk Food?

Friends, I read a blog about junk food. You know how you read one thing, then you check another, and WHAM! you stumble upon something great to know? Well, I did. Bonanza, healthy JUNK food.  OK, maybe not junk food. … Continue reading

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Great blogs made simple

Friends, Simple great blogs are almost always photos. These are from:  They have a simple attribution for free, and purchase for no attribution royalty free.  I like that.

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I love Arizona!

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Upper Antelope Canyon (HDR) Page Arizona does not rank as a cultural destination.  This small town on the northern edge of Arizona was established in 1957 to support the construction of the nearby Glen Canyon…

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I would have to say that if I was forced to pick my favorite part of the trip, it would be the Highlands of Scotland. When I went to Ireland several years back I…

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What did Korea teach me about right and wrong?

Friends, Sometimes I think we are trying to do everything on our own. Yes, America is the largest economy. And yes, we have the best Army – I had to get that in there. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I think … Continue reading

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