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What is it about the wonder of the Stars?

Friends, I sometimes wonder about it all. How did we get here? When did it all start? How did it all start? But, I think the things which draws my wonder skyward the most are the stars. Oh, the moon … Continue reading

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I want a telescope

Friends, Have you noticed the true wonder of our world today? You can purchase a telescope which outperforms scientists of just a few decades ago. Wonderful pictures. I want one. Dreamscope 32″ Telescope. I am just not sure if I … Continue reading

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Amazing photo

Friends, This picture is worth a thousand words: Saturn.

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Evolution and Religion compared

Friends, I often get asked, “Why don’t you believe in Evolution?” I have wanted to write on that topic for quite some time. But, that subject is technical. Just the other night, I realized one of the main reasons I … Continue reading

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I love Arizona!

Originally posted on Another Header:
Upper Antelope Canyon (HDR) Page Arizona does not rank as a cultural destination.  This small town on the northern edge of Arizona was established in 1957 to support the construction of the nearby Glen Canyon…

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The new gold rush

Friends, Yes, they are mining for gold in them there asteroids. Asteroid mining. I wonder about the feasibility of it all. But, it is a necessary step before we can have ‘space communities.’ Why? We need industrial activity closer to … Continue reading

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Does the Nuvo water softener work?

Friends, Has anyone used the Nuvo water softener system? NuvoH20. It is a citrus based system. The initial cost is MUCH less than the system I got. And I think it must be easier on plants. I may try one … Continue reading

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OK Friends, The article I am reading is way too technical. The book I read, Extinction, was long. So, let me try to cover the data quickly, and easily. Somewhere between 400 and 10,000 species are going extinct every year. … Continue reading

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Why are so many Evolutionists ‘Trolls?’

Friends, I know I shouldn’t feed trolls …. But, why do so many Evolutionists start silly arguments? Trolling is someone starting silly arguments on a web forum, or blog. Why? Isn’t there ANY intelligence to what they believe? And I … Continue reading

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Swan killed a man

A swan killed a man. Is that crazy or what? I guess we really forget wild animals are wild animals. And my guess is maybe the man couldn’t swim? Me? I would have used my oar for something other than … Continue reading

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