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The Administration leaks more classified information

Friends, We are told not to worry, nothing hazardous was leaked. OK, filmmakers were given a hush-hush walk through the details of the strike on Osama bin Laden. Their access was supposed to be kept quiet. A watchdog group uncovered … Continue reading

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Nuke sub disaster

Friends, I cannot make this up. There has been a disaster on a nuke sub in Maine. But, DON’T worry. ONLY 4 were hurt. And non-essential personnel were evacuated. OK, be happy. Nuke sub. Does it get much crazier than … Continue reading

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Angry Democrats ATTACK veterans

Friends, Angry Democrats have wasted so much money, they fear making cuts to their pay-off programs to unions and other activists (ACORN?). They know if they make the cuts they must make they will lose votes. So, they are attacking … Continue reading

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