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OK …. Friends, Every now and then our Government makes claims that I just CANNOT believe. The Air Force is testing a new technology. It has launched several ‘scram-jet’ aircraft as they test this technology. They claim the new ‘jet’ … Continue reading

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Gays graduate the Air Force Academy

Friends, The Air Force is supposed to have graduated 4 openly gay cadets. Although the way it was worded, the article seemed to indicate that there were 4 our of 4600 students, not just the graduating class. But, it shows … Continue reading

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Angry Democrats ATTACK veterans

Friends, Angry Democrats have wasted so much money, they fear making cuts to their pay-off programs to unions and other activists (ACORN?). They know if they make the cuts they must make they will lose votes. So, they are attacking … Continue reading

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Martians – 21, AF – 0

Friends, The Air Force is getting clobbered with their new ‘stealth airplane.’ F22 News Article. It is real strange that ground crews are reporting the same things as pilots. But, that ‘could’ be psychosis. Then again, they could have a … Continue reading

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