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Why is Religion important when dealing with the Gay Agenda?

Friends, Several people have responded in odd ways. ‘Odd’ in that they reject what many have traditionally held concerning homosexuality. That is part of the reason for my blogging on this topic. Not only is the discussion heated, families are … Continue reading

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Back, Back in the USSR boys

Friends, I used to listen to that Beatles’ song during the Cold War. It brought all sorts of emotions to the surface. The Democrats had just waged Vietnam. They had really messed up in Iran. Their CIA backed coup in … Continue reading

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I am not YOUR entitlement

Friends, I was just speaking with a friend in my Russian class. He mentioned a classic comment why men don’t like women in the USA. And I replied, “I am tired of a lack of commitment for months and years … Continue reading

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Love for Women, Men, and Gays?

Friends, I would never (read that NEVER) analyze what you are reading on my blog. But, if I DID, I would notice that you love blogs about women, then it seems gays come in second. And men may be last … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Mrs. Romney celebrated?

Friends, It is sad that modern ‘feminism’ does not respect full-time mothers. The comments made about Mrs Romney almost show that. What really shows that? Mrs. Clinton. She was a stay at home mom for much of Bill’s career. In … Continue reading

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Women react to sex pressure at colleges

Originally posted on The Sex Reports:
I was fortunate to have really good sex education in high school, undergrad and grad school. And, when I was a researcher, some of my work focused on sex related topics. But some college…

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What is the problem with pornography?

Friends, What is the problem with pornography? What is not the problem? First, it teaches men and women that people are merely objects. Second, it teaches men and women a bad method of sexual communication. Or, in other words, they … Continue reading

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What do women want?

Friends, Do you remember the romantic comedy? I enjoyed most of the movie. But, I will never forget thinking, “This is NOT real life. Maybe it is real life for a movie star. But, normal people do not live like … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS:
[ooyala code=”BsYWpnNDqe-7XqTQAbYejISqX_ZBfEkv”] Razorback coaches and players talked to the media Friday evening for the first time since Razorback Head Coach Bobby Petrino was fired. “Bobby’s my brother,” said Offensive Coordinator…

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Why I am not the top blogger

Friends, Do you ever wonder why some blogs are read by millions and others by thousands? Well, there is a Science to that. I do study the Science of blogging. Isn’t that almost esoteric. I mean isn’t ‘the Science of … Continue reading

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