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For men ONLY.

Now, I know a lady or two will sneak in and look at this blog post, but seriously, I am writing to men.  REAL men. Because, this is about manhood. Specifically, little men, boys. So, as a man, if you … Continue reading

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Love for Women, Men, and Gays?

Friends, I would never (read that NEVER) analyze what you are reading on my blog. But, if I DID, I would notice that you love blogs about women, then it seems gays come in second. And men may be last … Continue reading

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I hate Mondays!

Friends, Do any of you hate Mondays? Well, to be honest, I don’t hate the Mondays, I just hate the bad days. And this one is on a Monday. But, on days like this, I can understand your hating Mondays … Continue reading

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Mondays and Tuesdays always get me down

Friends, Don’t you think that some days are worse than other days? Last night set me back a couple of days, I think. I had a road-rage drive beside me try to hit me so he could take the exit, … Continue reading

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Death to liberal terrorists!

Friends, I apologize if my sentiment hurts your feelings.  The following is my opinion based upon truth.  It is truth that cowards hide from you.  IMHO. Firstly:  I am a former soldier.  We take on the bogey man, so children … Continue reading

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Are women afraid of good men?

Friends, I have heard so many different reasons given.  I have heard everything from “They don’t feel they deserve a good man,” to “You are not looking in the right places.” First, I am reading up on FBI files for … Continue reading

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Does manhood mean “Me Tarzan You Jane?”

Friends, What is Manhood? For years, Hollywood and the Media have portrayed manhood as an apish sex-crazed male of the human species. I will go out on a limb, and be careful. I am a man, so I must tread … Continue reading

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Let us empower men to become a man.

Friends, My trip to the FSU (Former Soviet Union) really opened my mind. I realized how negative the American Culture has become. Now, some negatives are positive in the long term. And some positives are not great either. But, one … Continue reading

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