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Sex in marriage is GREAT!

Friends, We live in a strange day. We are bombarded by bad messages all around us. Sex sells. We know that. But what they don’t tell us is that GOOD sex sells, bad sex does NOT sell. That is why … Continue reading

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Why is sex outside of marriage bad?

What do you think? Honestly? I have talked with a LOT of people. Yes, I am in just one area of the country. But, I have had the privilege of speaking with people around the world. And the one thing … Continue reading

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What does sex have to do with it?

Friends, I blog on sex, and I find my blog linked on a Pick Up Artists web page. Well …. two things. Frist, I better expect some new readers expecting a steamy and sexy topic. And second, we have a … Continue reading

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Again, I ask, can’t we respect our women?

Friends, I have blogged on this recently. But, let me change my angle of attack. I know. That is a flying term, but bear with me. I love to FLY. OK this is from Harvard: How Women Can Flourish in … Continue reading

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Why is Religion important when dealing with the Gay Agenda?

Friends, Several people have responded in odd ways. ‘Odd’ in that they reject what many have traditionally held concerning homosexuality. That is part of the reason for my blogging on this topic. Not only is the discussion heated, families are … Continue reading

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What does the Gay Agenda take?

Friends, I was asked what giving Gays more rights would take from me. Well, some have already been taken. But, let us look at my rights taken by the Gay Agenda. Religious Freedom. My religion is denied. Innocence. I have … Continue reading

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Will women ever be respected again?

Friends, I just responded to a young woman’s blog. And naturally, it seemed to blame everything on the conservatives rather than the progressives who have abandoned women. In perspective, 1942. Women were an honored part of society. They were productive. … Continue reading

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The attack on women

Originally posted on jenngiroux:
by Jenn Giroux Everywhere we look we are seeing accusations that there is a “War on Women”. Despite what we are being told, the “War on Women” is not some evil plan orchestrated behind closed doors…

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What is Marriage?

Friends, With the hate activists spreading misinformation about the gay agenda, it is sad that most people do not have a basic understanding of what marriage IS. Marriage is a legal status afforded couples who traditionally have had a religious … Continue reading

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Are women afraid of good men?

Friends, I have heard so many different reasons given.  I have heard everything from “They don’t feel they deserve a good man,” to “You are not looking in the right places.” First, I am reading up on FBI files for … Continue reading

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