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For men ONLY.

Now, I know a lady or two will sneak in and look at this blog post, but seriously, I am writing to men.  REAL men. Because, this is about manhood. Specifically, little men, boys. So, as a man, if you … Continue reading

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Originally posted on FreeRangeKids:
Readers –Here’s what the police blotter  in Johnson City, Tenn. describes as this mom’s crime: On Thursday, June 7, 2012 April L Lawson, W/F, 27, 1104 King Springs Rd, Johnson City, TN was arrested by officers…

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The cost of killing the family

Friends, In my last post I wrote about the ‘smart’ people using the system. But, why do they need to use the system? Because family is failing. Churches are failing. Why? Because government has taken over the responsibility of Church … Continue reading

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What is equality in Hollywood?

Friends, There is no equality in Hollywood. Either you are a cheap whore, gay, or jewish or you ain’t welcome. At least you are not welcome much. I noticed real quickly that people trying to make it in Hollywood felt … Continue reading

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What is family?

Friends, As often as family is attacked today, what is in family? What is it about family that has been important to humanity for thousands of years? What ‘evolved’ as a definition for family? And why is that important? Why … Continue reading

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Friends, I have noticed that Family is under rated in the USA. And it is under utilized. There was another shooting in Seattle. Surprised? I am not surprised either. But, this guy’s brother was STUPID enough to say that the … Continue reading

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Why do people do EVIL to CHILDREN?

Friends, This was a gruesome story. Don’t read if you don’t want to. But, even a summary is difficult. Neighbor lets children return to be murdered by their mother. At 4:30 AM the neighbor heard gunshots. Opened the door to … Continue reading

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Again? Why all the anger?

Friends, What is going on in America? “We are going to hell in a hand basket.” To borrow upon a cliché. Tonight, my Russian friends and I discussed the rapidly failing American family. I described Russia as an anglo-Mexico. That … Continue reading

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What a beautiful day!

Friends, Mothers’ Day was beautiful. Everyone got to celebrate our mothers in a garden like Eden. It was awesome. Bar-B-Q all around, and some great salsa …. yep, I made the salsa …. and everyone was impressed!!! We had games … Continue reading

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The most wicked mother’s day gift?

Friends, A 25-year-old man just bludgeoned his mother to death three days before mother’s day. Springfield, Ohio. Man Killed Mother. Do you agree? This is inappropriate behavior? Do you think that Hollywood and the Supreme Court will tone down the … Continue reading

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