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What do you really want?

Friends, I just had an enjoyable date with a beautiful young lady. And like so many dates before, I ask myself, “What does she REALLY want?” And like so many women before her, I know she does not know what … Continue reading

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Why is sex outside of marriage bad?

What do you think? Honestly? I have talked with a LOT of people. Yes, I am in just one area of the country. But, I have had the privilege of speaking with people around the world. And the one thing … Continue reading

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What does sex have to do with it?

Friends, I blog on sex, and I find my blog linked on a Pick Up Artists web page. Well …. two things. Frist, I better expect some new readers expecting a steamy and sexy topic. And second, we have a … Continue reading

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Are women afraid of good men?

Friends, I have heard so many different reasons given.  I have heard everything from “They don’t feel they deserve a good man,” to “You are not looking in the right places.” First, I am reading up on FBI files for … Continue reading

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Is Marriage the greatest aphrodisiac?

Friends, How do you think I am going to answer that question? Now, hold that thought a moment. People have searched for aphrodisiacs for thousands of years.  And they have made a lot of money off of some pretty weird … Continue reading

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Calling all romantics

Friends, Have you ever noticed how everyone says they are romantic? Honestly?   Ladies, stay with me a moment as I illustrate this from my experience. I went out with a young lady, and I asked, “Are you romantic?” She … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere

Eventually, I will write everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. OK, almost everything. Do you remember MySpace?  Do you remember Stephanie Faris, you remember her?  She was the cute blond from Tennessee?  Well, Stephanie got married …. WHAT? … Continue reading

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Upcoming blogs

Friends, Those of you who remember me from blogs of yore, will remember that I could blog a lot.  I do not seem to get “writer’s” block.  I just seem to run out of time occasionally. Well, here are some … Continue reading

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