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If you thought I was a hardliner, read what Catholics say

Friends, I have alluded to the Catholic Church and how they were infiltrated by homosexual priests who tolerated and helped rape many children, mostly young men and boys. But, this Catholic Journal does not tread lightly. Nor can they say … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Church ….

Friends, I noticed I have some readers from Ethiopia. That country (& that area of Africa) was once home to a strong center of Christianity. The Ethiopic Church was a leader in early Christianity. The centuries and the Islamization of … Continue reading

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Another AWESOME interview

Friends, As you know, I spend a lot of my time just talking with people about the current state of affairs in the USofA. So, I just talked with a good friend as I bought camera equipment for my Nikon. … Continue reading

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Redefine politics

Friends, I have noticed how the agendas have focused upon redefining God and marriage. I think it is time that we redefine politicians. Start with “anytime you do not represent the people, you DO NOT GET PAID.” It is time … Continue reading

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Why do homosexuals redefine the Bible?

Friends, I have noticed that there are a lot of homosexual ‘theologians’ coming forward and claiming that the Bible wrote nothing against the homosexuals. Well why do they redefine the Bible? Because they can. So few people know their Bible … Continue reading

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Redefine Gay to mean GAY!

Friends, I was preparing to write this, and I checked my comments. One of you was already saying the same thing. Gay is GAY, and it is not homosexual. I am tired of homosexuals re-defining EVERYTHING TO FIT THEIR AGENDA. … Continue reading

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Obama is right “punish the evil 1%”

Friends, Ironically, the one percent damaging America is ignored. The rich are targeted. Why? Because we want to waste more money. NOT because we want to redistribute wealth. We want to destroy wealth. But, on to the evil 1%. A … Continue reading

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Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’

Friends, [My previous edit was May 18, 2012. And with as many people reading this, it is time for a re-write. Give me some time. But, I will re-write this over the next couple of days. Thanks Wayne] Have you … Continue reading

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In fairness, I report on the opposition. And this opposer, is a poser. Like many he claims the Bible supports his POV. But, he cannot give a verse to support his lies. Yes. He lies about the Bible. Was I … Continue reading

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Resist Gays and Satan Attacks

Friends, Pray for me. A legal firm is now threatening to take my house …. Ironically, when you stand for God, Satan’s minions come crawling out of the cesspool to attack you. But, even more ironically? It is really difficult … Continue reading

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