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Why I once believed in Evolution.

OK, I do not change my opinion often, and it really takes a lot to change my opinion. Why? I am very much a realist. If it doesn’t work, it does not work. And I am a strong leader. People … Continue reading

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OK Friends, The article I am reading is way too technical. The book I read, Extinction, was long. So, let me try to cover the data quickly, and easily. Somewhere between 400 and 10,000 species are going extinct every year. … Continue reading

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We need to save the most endangered cat in the world. The Amur Leopard is the most endangered cat in the world. Wayne

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Friends, I am writing this kinda free hand, so forgive me if I don’t get my numbers quite right. I apologize if evolution is not what you want to read about, because I need to address Extinction.  I capitalized the … Continue reading

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On the de-evolution of mankind

Friends, [ …. I started writing this blog to reflect upon my last blog topic and the comments. Unfortunately, my research brought up footnote one. And I noticed that last century was much worse than I had realized. It was … Continue reading

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Why does Extinction matter?

Well?  Does Evolution matter? Why does it matter? Before we look at why Extinction matters, let us look at Evolution. And before Evolution, let us examine things that we do know matter.  Take the Stock Market.  If we lose faith … Continue reading

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