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Yesterday, I saw two miracles

Friends, Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Two? In 30 minutes? What a day. It was a little stressful. My lawyer woke me to tell me my check had bounced, so I headed to my bank(s). On the way, a … Continue reading

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Extremism attracts violence

Friends, Something that I learned in Church Planting, liberalism causes a lot of problems. Church Planting is where you go out and get a group of Believers, and you start a new church. Liberalism, and other forms of extremism, CAUSE … Continue reading

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Stock Market versus Gambling

Friends, Unlike many ‘investors,’ I have made money on the ‘Stock Market.’ Like all ‘investors,’ I have lost money on the ‘Stock Market.’ And like a boss once told me, “Wayne? Why don’t you play the market. On your last … Continue reading

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Joey says that Jesus is the ONLY WAY. Is Jesus the only way? Why can’t I just work my way to Heaven? What makes Jesus better than other prophets? Friends, what do you think? Is Joey right? Wayne

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Is God angry?

Friends, I will deal with a big word, then I will define it for us.  Then we will discuss it and the issue. Anthropomorphism, did I tell you this is a big word? Anthropomorphism is a twenty-dollar word.  It means … Continue reading

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What is a ‘Christian?’

Friends, As we go into another election cycle, we have a lot of ‘pundits’ using ‘Christian’ in a very loose manner.  I know many of you are not ‘my kind’ of Christian.  And I am not about to try to … Continue reading

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Welcome to America 2.0

I will probably revisit this problem in the future.  But, for now, let me just ask: “Do you enjoy the new version of America?” Is it just me?  Or, have you noticed how many people lie, cheat, and steal?  It … Continue reading

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Hello World, Once Again.

How many times have I written that line of code?  Way too many to remember. And how many times have a started a new blog?  I think that is 4. Well world, we are back.  And this time, I hope … Continue reading

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