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Can you live a better life?

Friends, Have you noticed how costs keep going up, but we are told there is no inflation? Have you noticed how we are told white people live a life of ‘white privilege?’ Yet, more ‘white’ people live in poverty than blacks … Continue reading

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I love Christmas

Friends, My family celebrated Christmas yesterday. Watching my family’s kids going crazy over presents was so much fun. I always want to borrow a couple kids for a week or two. Wayne

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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Friends, Do you ever have those days? Rainy days? Well, I am having one. And unfortunately, 2% of town is without power. Guess which percent I am in? Yep. So, I went to my local coffee shop for internet. It … Continue reading

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Guns are safer than abortion

Friends, I need to blog on the Gun Issue and the Anti-Gun Agenda. BUT, I discovered that Abortions kill more women than guns do … AND having a baby is safer for women than not having a baby. Pregnancy was … Continue reading

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Friends, As I move to a newer Mac notebook, I must remember passwords. Do you remember the days before passwords? When you went into your bank and they said, “Hello fill in your name.” Why is it we must measure … Continue reading

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