3 things for US about Greek crisis


There are 3 things for US about Greek crisis we are not being told.

First, we are told, sometimes, that Greece spent a lot of money on welfare. But, then we are led to believe that is okay. The Greeks are not told by their government how excessive they are borrowing to pay for Welfare. We are not told how excessive Greek welfare spending and borrowing still IS.

Second, the Socialists blame the banks for their borrowing. Just listen to Greek Prime Minister Tsipras.

Third, the US Welfare spending and debt crisis is much greater per person than the Greek Welfare spending and debt crisis. (*)

Why WON’T Socialists tell US the truth?

I think it is because they KNOW we would vote them OUT.

What do you think?


(*) Greek debt / Population (11 Million) = $34,500 / person.

Public (Not secret US debt) / population = $57,000 / person. Including secret debt swaps and divided per TAXPAYER, we are over $200,000 / taxpayer.


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