Is Russia preparing for WW3?


You may know that I pray for Ukraine almost daily. And I have been known to live in Odessa, Ukraine.

So, I read a lot of news about the war in Ukraine. What American news calls a ‘crisis.’

However, this American wrote about Obama wanting to invade Russia and take Moscow.

The ONLY reasons I can think for anyone, American, Russian, or Ukrainian, to write such a crazy article are (1) they are CRAZY; or (2) they were paid to write the article.

The US cannot contain the mess Obama created with ISIS. [As I have written before, ISIS arose because the State Dept funded the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. Democracy revolutions spread accidentally or intentionally to Syria. And then ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, took off once Russia redeployed mercenary assets to Ukraine.]

I hope and pray that the man got rich off of his article. And I pray he spends 40 years in jail for it.

What do you think? Will Obama invade Russia?


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4 Responses to Is Russia preparing for WW3?

  1. Pud N Tame says:

    The guy posted a confusing article on an unheard of website that few may have even noticed. It’s the worried rantings of a conspiracy theorist exercising his freedom of speech about what he perceives to be reality. Why do you want the poor crazy guy to rot in prison for forty years, away from those he loves, simply for making his opinion public? Are you actually praying to God for this to happen? You stated that you were! Aren’t there more nobel things that you could pray for, like instead: for good things happen to this stranger, and that he comes to believe your point of view, if indeed your point of view is correct.

  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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