Why the rage?


Not everyone is angry, but have you noticed how many people are angry?

I read about a Police officer being found not guilty for shooting two unarmed suspects 15 times.

After they were stopped.

CNN Article.

I was held at gun point for ‘driving while white.’ I can tell you, when COPS go off, it is SCARY.

I am not writing about his guilt or innocence, or that of the victims.

I am writing about the rage.

He ran and jumped up on the hood of the car, and emptied his gun into them.

Like a pit bull let loose to kill someone.

He went CRAZY.

He is not the only person. It happens all the time. You see it as you drive down the freeway, unless you are distracting yourself with your cell phone …. So, you will NOT see it around you.


I am not sure of all the reasons. But, I can think of three.

First, we have glorified the individual. Me. Self. I.

Second, we have put God down, in his place, below us-humans.

Third, we have pushed against the normal punishments. We replaced the death penalty for most capital crimes with ‘life with the chance of parole for good behavior.’

I am not sure we can fix the problem, but we need to tone down the rage.

What do you think?


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4 Responses to Why the rage?

  1. I’ve had more than a few incidents of inappropriate anger control in the past myself, a PTSD type of legacy from childhood traumas. Therapy works very well for the problem! Sometimes antidepressants help too, though I’m allergic to that class of drug.

    I don’t know nearly enough to make a qualified guess about this cop’s state of mind, or on what legal basis he was acquitted. On the face of it, it sounds outrageous, but that’s a game news outlets play – oversimplify the story to manipulate the audience’s emotions. Instead I was focused on the Irish referendum story, which to me was an uplifting one.

    • Wayne says:

      Interesting. I had not thought of PTSD as a link. But, maybe with the increase of child abuse, we are now seeing the anger as a result of PTSD from childhood trauma?

      I do not think the Irish referendum was uplifting for me. But, at least you think so.

      Thank you for the comment.


      • Traumatic stress can inappropriately alter behavior at any later point in life if you don’t get treatment, and learn to manage whatever your “triggers” are.
        Counseling was a lifesaver for me. It’s extremely common in police who work the streets. When I hear about some of these incidents of killing unarmed civilians, I often wonder about it.

      • Wayne says:

        I must wonder what the increased abuse of our children is doing to the younger generations?

        Stay safe.


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