Save Baltimore, Save US


The war on Black Americans in Baltimore is the war on US.

I will explain that. And I will explain how we need to react to this aggression.

First, the racists riots are a continuation of Obama’s Arab Spring riots. Activists in Northern Africa were trained to incite riots and violence.

I blogged on Arab Spring being started by US here.

I do not think there is a direct involvement between the two groups. I do not think USAID finished in Africa and Syria and then moved onto US. But, the purposes of the groups and the methods are the same.

Break down government, and move the current government towards anarchy and progressive ideals through massive protests organized by internet media and the News Media.

The purpose is the destruction of America as we know America.

To destroy America, they will destroy Black America. After that, they will destroy White America. They will blame the problem on racism.

They blame the COPS.

But, they hide from the roots of the problem – the break down of the family through the rules of Welfare. They forced women and children into poverty. Even though they knew poverty leads more children to become victimized criminals.

What can we do to turn this around?

First, pray. Only God is a good guide through this insanity.

Second, talk with your friends, family, and even strangers. Talk about the problem. Discuss the need for jobs. Discuss the need for parents to raise good children, not criminals.

Third, VOTE God’s way, not your way, not the current way, or the way to destruction.

Let US protest. At home, in the streets, and on ever election day.

Will you protest the crazy violence?



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2 Responses to Save Baltimore, Save US

  1. Mike says:

    Once again, you nailed it. Great post.

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