Americans are the richest in the world


This blog post is in response to Roubini’s crazy article claiming ‘income inequality’ was the root of the Baltimore riots this last week. That article is here.

I blogged about inequality before.

And you can find more here. By the way, the average poor person in the USA lives better than the average person in Europe.

$11,000 per person, or $24,000 per family of four is the official ‘poverty guideline for the US. But, then you get significant subsidies. According to the Wall Street Journal’s analysis (*) That is a minimum of $17,000 more in Mississippi. $41,000? How would that compare to the world?

Giving What We Can considers that amount in the top 10% world wide.

Okay. Back to the real problem. Income inequality is not the root of violence in Baltimore, or anywhere else in the world.

I live as much as I can in Ukraine. There $4 and hour is a good wage. There are not people in the streets burning down their houses and killing people.

BTW, that is $8,000/year.

The problem in the US is ‘entitlement.’ You see it in the store when some feels entitled and they cut you off.

You see this on the campaign trail when Clinton does not want to be noticed so she wears a scarf and glasses ….

It is the most basic form of greed and arrogance.

I deserve more than you deserve.

Yes, I wish Bill Gates and Bill Clinton would give their money away, instead they hide their money in tax shelters and pretend to do good.

They are as much the problem as the ‘poor’ rioting in Baltimore – IMHO. They are greedy. And they want everyone else to pay more in taxes so they do not have to.

Can we fix this? Yes, but it requires we turn to God, repent, and ask him to heal US.

Do you think we will do that?


(*) In depth analysis at WSJ.


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4 Responses to Americans are the richest in the world

  1. chris risher says:

    If you want black people to succeed (do you? really? when Obama became President we saw many Whites fear that) you have to include them in your circles.
    No one in America can succeed being looked down upon. Even slight assumptions about ability and the general feeling of “I like Black people, I just don’t want them around me” will make it impossible for Blacks to succeed in the “market economy”. They are a damaged “brand”. Damaged from the beginning from slavery and still damaged by exclusion and fake inclusion.

    Try to imagine a white face on every Black person you meet. Maybe you can be nicer then.

    • Wayne says:


      I think you have some deep seated racial issues to deal with. Otherwise, you would not brand everyone around you as racist. You are actually pointing back at your self, not at me or others.

      I choose business partners based upon character. Not on skin color, or resume. Only character. And I place my money where my mouth is.

      Thank you for your comment and the opportunity to clarify exactly where I stand.


  2. Mike says:

    You are exactly correct – the entitlement mentality here in America is the cause of much of our problem, and our Liberal politicians encourage it, because those who feel entitled also love to be dependent upon other to provide for them. Not that our Conservative politicians are much better these days, but the problem there lies with the voters – when people vote ignorantly and/or selfishly, they get what they deserve. And frankly, my country deserves a serious punch in the nose.

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