Why can’t I find a job?


When I was in college, I had to quit several jobs. There are bosses who just do not care that you have University classes. They eventually force you to choose between ‘work,’ and ‘college.’

And somewhere, I need to admit the title does not apply to my job search. With my disability, no business in their right mind would hire me as an employee. They would enjoy placing some of my consultants to work, but, not me.

I have noticed that today’s young people fear losing a job and looking for another job.

I finished college during that other great recession – Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter made a big mess of our country. But, now? I think it is two times, maybe even four times, worse than it was then.

As I talk with people, not just college students, I am often told “It is bad,” or, “I fear losing my job today.”

So, why is it so difficult to find a job?

Hasn’t the media, and the government, declared the Great Recession over?

So, why isn’t the Great Recession over?



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