3 reasons why Atheism is defeating Christianity?


The anger about the Indiana law protecting expression of Religion is truly difficult to believe.

But, why is Atheism defeating Christianity?

First, they control the messaging; second, they use hatred and aggression to quiet their opposition; and lastly Christians are letting them win.

I will use a seldom used rhetorical tool, I will begin at the end and work back to the first.

Christianity in America is weak. We have allowed the culture to define US. Instead of letting God lead US and define US, we allow those who hate US to define US. That has led us to become weak and fear telling people about whom Jesus really is.

And in a twist, God no longer empowers US, because of our sin.

Hate? Hatred of different people is the root of discrimination. To hear the radical Atheists, you would think Christianity is new in America. You would think non of the Americans in 1770 to 1800 were Christian. You would think every Colonist was an Atheist, or a Muslim. That power comes from the hateful rhetoric they use against US. They call normal, hateful. They call US hateful.

Why? Because they can control US and intimidate US. Just look at the businesses sued and fined for being Christian, and usually very weak Christians. Look at the businesses and governments shut down or forced to change their Religious views – definitely against the First Amendment.

And then there is the control of the message. For decades, our media has been evolving. They have evolved from reporting the news to evangelizing Atheism. Slowly our Media, our Government, especially our schools, and our Hollywood have moved from teaching US historical America to teaching US what they want US to believe.

Ironically, a couple of immigrants told me something this week.

We love America, because, here everyone becomes American; even if they are from completely different backgrounds; they leave ethnic differences behind.

Ironically, one of my immigrant friends is probably Muslim. We have not had a need for that conversation.

Ironic. While our Elite beat US over the head and tell US we must throw our Religion and our Religious views away, immigrants still see US as a powerful and godly country. A powerful culture specifically because of our Faith.

Yes, I have asked those questions. Have you, lately?



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6 Responses to 3 reasons why Atheism is defeating Christianity?

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  2. Hi Wayne,
    Happy Easter Brother.

    You know a lie because it has no substance, sort of “INVISIBLE.”
    It is no coincidence that the first lie came to Adam and Eve by way of a snake.
    ( No offence Mikey )

    But I agree that the current environment is getting down right sporty!

    We know that the foundation by which we claim our “inalienable Rights” is that “we are endowed by our Creator” with them. This is also the basis for equality, that “All men are created equal”.

    Creator = God

    But God and religion is what atheists want to remove from society by forcing us to compromise our beliefs.

    Its like cutting off the branch you are sitting on.

  3. tildeb says:

    Yes, Wayne. It’s an atheist conspiracy. And we’re coming for you next!

    • Wayne says:

      Ya’ll won’t be the first, and I doubt ya’ll will be the last.

      But, you got a smile outta me, thanks for the comment.

      Happy Easter.


  4. To be honest, I haven’t asked myself those questions ever, let alone lately. But you write in a way that invites deeper reflection. I like that effect. I hope you won’t mind if I don’t go into the Indiana thing. I’m not a resident, I haven’t read the whole law, and I’m kind of burned out on reading about it. I have been reacting to posts about it, but I admit my opinion is unqualified.

    Here’s the only way I could relate to the issue from personal experience. You may remember I’m a medical asst. and imaging tech. I’ve performed exams on injured gang members, real badass criminals, guys I regard as the scum of the Earth. I’m not granted the option of treating them differently from any other patient, nor of withholding treatment, despite sincerely believing they lead an evil lifestyle. I’m paid to serve the public, so it means the entire public. After helping dig bullets out of people I deeply dislike, it’s hard for me to empathize with someone agonizing over baking a cake.

    The ordinary historical pattern for major religions is to start small, peak at some early stage, then gradually either evolve into something much different, or succumb to entropy. Christianity hit its peak back when Constantine proclaimed it the State Religion of the Roman Empire. After that it’s a long series of conflicts and schisms, leading right up to the present. Religions reduce in uniformity as they gain adherents. If you are defining strength as unity of message and purpose, Christianity was never stronger than when it only had twelve adherents, and the longer it remains an institution, the more diluted that message will inevitably become.

    • Wayne says:

      Great comment(s).

      Thank you for saving lives.

      I think the difference would be like this.

      A friend of yours is kidnapped. You and friends are up late searching. You get into work. The police bring in the suspect. You find out the suspect cut your friend into pieces and watched him bleed to death. The suspect was shot during the arrest.

      You tell your boss and the police, “I must recuse myself from this case. I can help, but we need someone who is all together. I am not all together.”

      A seven foot tall officer towers over you and says, “You have no option. You will save this man, and if you do not, we are charging you with murder.”

      You say, “Wow. You are blowing things all out of proportion.”

      I think this scene represents the dismay we as Christians have about the Atheist assaults upon our Freedom. We are not trying to force others to bend to our will. But, others are forcing us needlessly to submit to their will.

      Again. A cake is not at the same level you experience. And most of us could not do what you do.

      Thank you for your comment.


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