China produces twice the greenhouse gases US does


Deep down in this article, you will find a current chart of emissions.

The frist chart shows US following China by about 25%. But, it is not current. The next chart shows last year.

China has blown past US. And while the US pledges to reduce our output by 25% – a huge hit on our economy – China has pledged to slow down GROWTH of pollution.

It is cheaper for China to cut 50% than it will be for US to cut 25%. Their pollution standards have not been strict. Our standards are strict.

So, the US is being punished for being green, while China is rewarded for being dirtier.

I do not blame China, they are trying to do what is best for their people. By taking US jobs and producing items with lower quality pollution standards, they have brought almost a Billion of their citizens out of poverty.

That is staggering, and it is a great accomplishment.

But, having given those jobs to China, and having given away the wealth of our middle class, the US is now promising our future will be more expensive.

What do you think? Should the man who created the Global Warming Crisis, Al Gore, have made China agree to cleaner standards when he was giving our jobs away?


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