Irving Texas stands with US against Sharia Law


Even though they did make a stand, you must know, half of the city council voted for SHARIA LAW.

Irving Mayor stands against Sharia Law.

It should scare all of US into action when half of our elected officials in TEXAS no longer support the Constitution and the US way of life.

What do you think?



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4 Responses to Irving Texas stands with US against Sharia Law

  1. cynthetta says:

    NO ONE voted FOR Sharia Law, sir. Perhaps you should do a little more research on what happened. Thanks.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Not sure where you got your news, but I watched local TV channels. And they understood the vote differently than you seem to see the vote.


      • cynthetta says:

        With all due respect, Wayne, I LIVE in Irving, TX & am very informed on our local politics. Attending City Council meetings, voter registration campaigns & local political meetings. I KNOW what Rep. Jeff Leach’s HB 562 says: ‘… would prohibit family court rulings based on foreign legal codes if that violated our own constitutional protections.’ Although it is widely accepted that this bill targets Muslims, it says NOTHING about Sharia Law. Many people get upset about things they don’t understand. It takes LOTS of reading & research to come to an informed decisions, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your response.

        No. amount of information does not make a good decision. Correctness of your decisions need to be measured by some guideline.

        As for the bill, the mayor and Plano’s representative stated this law protects US against the sharia councils in Texas.

        Since they have stated that in public, I will agree with them.


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