World War 2


As I think about the terrible wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and many other countries our government does not want US to think about, I think back to WW2.

World War 2 was the result of Progressive politics. Progressives thought they could control population growth and Human Evolution.

The result was the Nazi slaughter of people thought to be ‘sub-humnan.’ 30% to 50% of European Jews were slaughtered. 15% of Slavic Christians in Europe were slaughtered.

Unfortunately, today, leaders throughout the world are willing to sacrifice humans in order to meet their political Progressive goals.


Why do Progressives want Humans to ‘evolve?’ What do they gain by subjugating the rest of US?


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1 Response to World War 2

  1. Darwin said his own theory made him concerned about what it meant for humanity because “nature is red in tooth and claw.”
    Only Christ and Christianity gives each of us inalienable rights endowed by our Creator.
    Our humanity is a sacred reflection of the image of our Creator.
    Thanks for pointing out the parallels and repetition of history you see in what we are witnessing today.
    God bless

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