It is time for peace in Russia.


While the western news is mostly silent, Russian mafia are destroying Russia and Ukraine.

I won’t get into the ‘he said, she said,’ narrative blaming Putin, or the US. But, this pseudo war needs to stop.

Two days ago, a leading Russian politician was gunned down in Moscow.

Boris Nemtsov murdered.

As long as terrorists roam a country, the country will not have peace. That is true in Russia, Ukraine, and the USA.

Political terrorism and physical terrorism are all the same.

It is time for peace.

Which side are you on?


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1 Response to It is time for peace in Russia.

  1. Vadim says:

    War in Ukraine moved by all sides.
    US made Ukranian “coup de’tat”.
    Russia got Crimea (and done it more accurately than US done with Kosovo to Serbia, I mean – there was a lot of people who really voted at referendum to return to “motherland”).

    Why Russia helped Crimean people with soldiers (“polite people” as Russian call them)?
    To avoid situation which arise now at Lugansk and Donetsk – the war.

    Why Russia was interested in Crimea?
    There is a two reasons:

    first – Black Sea Naval Fleet at Russian base in Sevastopol. When Ukraine elected Ushenko (pro-western nationalist) one of his “ideas” was to end up a rent of Sevastopol Naval base to Russia.
    Of course all (big and well served) infrastructure of naval base could be set up for NATO (for example). So Russia was able to possibly lose a naval infrastructure for Black Sea Fleet (and lose any ability to have stable and strong naval fleet at Black Sea, where we already have some NATO fleets, including most strongest Black Sea region naval fleet – Turkey naval forces. And more – this base could be a stronghold for US (or other NATO) fleet. NATO naval fleet at ther border of Russia.

    second – one of the NATO principles is “Any country who wants to be an alliance member should have no disputable territory (Im not sure in terminology, but I hope you understand me)”.

    NATO is a “defencive” alliance, which already done its role – it is defended Western civilization from “Soviet Western block”, but now there is no Communism and no western block, and some of former Soviet republics are NATO members))))). But as any beaurocratic organization it has self-preservation instinct ) so – it needs to have an enemy. And as US instrument it is used for US arms corporations and EU beaurocrats to get lots of money. And no one of them is not ready to say bye-bye to their jobs and money they got. And US wants to be a hegemonic power (Obama said this in his speech not so long ago – that Americans is a chosen nation and we will rule the world) .

    So, when Gorbachev discussed a uniting of Western and Eastern Germany (deutsche Wiedervereinigung) with Bush and Kohl one of his requierments was – NATO would not move closer to Russian borders. He got a promise by word of mouth – that they will not move. And after this NATO start slowly to move closer to Russian borders )))) one by one countries are become a NATO members.

    At this moment membership are asked by Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.
    Its a border countries for Russia.

    Who can guaranty that NATO will not start the war with Russia rich resources? Nobody.

    So Russian goverment make a desicion to make a problem territories at all this border lands.
    Moldova has now Pridnestrovje People Republic.
    Georgia in 2008 lost South Osetia and Abkhazia.
    Ukraine lost Crimea.

    Japan goverment can’t subscribe peace treaty with Russia, because they want to get four islands near Kamchatka back. That islands was taken by Soviet Russia forces at the end of WW2.

    Now they all should say – “OK it is not our land” to get in NATO. Or never get a membership.

    Thats as I see this situation.

    p.s. I could say more about Donetsk and Lugansk, later.

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