Why did Sean Hannity lie?


I do not know why the Liberal media are ganging up on Brian Williams for lying. Brian did lie.

But, tonight Sean Hannity lied.

Honestly? Sean probably made a simpler mistake, and Brian made a major and intentional lie.

Sean said Chris Kyle killed the most in military history …. Possibly in US military history, although there were some who greatly exceeded the number Chris Kyle killed in the line of duty. And there were many soldiers who have killed more than Chris Kyle killed.

My casual guess would be that at least 12 WW2 soldiers killed more people than Chris killed. I would have to go back and research that answer.

But, their were several ‘aces’ who killed more than Kyle’s number, and there were the two nuclear bombers.

While Hannity accidentally lied, Williams intentionally lied.

But, they both point to a greater problem, our media seldom reports the truth.



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