3 steps to finding God’s will


I just met one of our new sisters in Christ. And I discussed these important points, and some more points.

But, there are 3 steps to finding God’s will. Very simple steps.

First step, examine if something will bring glory to God.

Ironically, our conversation brought Glory to God. First, a man near us got unexcited, not quite angry, but he decided he had to leave. And another man decided he wanted to hear more about our conversation.

I never had to raise my voice, I was never ‘preachy.’

So, when you look for God’s will always ask, “Will this glorify God?”

The answers will be, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘I don’t know.’

Second, does this decision express God’s love to people?

Often this is the easiest. Love is simple, it does not hurt others.

Let me point out, loving someone does not mean I do not point out sinful behaviors.

But, love does not mean I go around spending my time trying to make other people angry. And that is why I hate driving in America today. I see so many angry drivers. I feel they are looking for a fight. And I do not like being near them. Because I feel like I am enabling them.

So, when you look for God’s will always ask, “Will this show people God’s love for people?”

The answers will be, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘I don’t know.’

The third important thing about God’s will is also simple.

God never violates his Word that has been revealed to us in the Bible.


So, if someone asks me to do something like adultery, I know that is against God’s will.

Simple and clear.

What else do you look for when YOU seek God’s will?



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  1. tschuckman says:

    Hi Wayne, Thank you for showing interest in MY humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL ! I just now checked out YOUR blog for the first time and find it very refreshing and good! I want to also become a follower. I am also a Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70, and a KJV Bible loving Christian, humble servant and soldier of Jesus Christ. I live in Iron Mtn., MI., and my email: tschuckman [edited so spiders don’t spam you] aol.com –Have a great day!

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