Now all of the Global Warming people fear a great SnowMaggedon on the North Eastern seaboard.


I have family on Long Island. So, I am concerned. And I am praying.

70 mph winds. 3 feet of snow. Storm surge of 4 feet. Over 6,000 flights cancelled. Roads closing from New Jersey through Massachusetts.

Power outages predicted all over the eastern seaboard.

It is predicted to be a big storm. Maybe one of those storms of the century.

But, how does all of the cold affect Global Warming? How will this affect all of those scared by ‘human impact?’ Will they apologize? Or, will they look for a ‘new crisis?’

It seems they are busy implementing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Liberals LOVE the crisis, because they live on fear. They live on the opportunity to force people to ‘change.’


They have the opportunity to force people to change …

But, I pray for for safety. I pray for God’s protection.



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2 Responses to SnowMaggedon

  1. tildeb says:

    Wayne, if you _______, you would have noticed that over the past two years more than 10,500 climate studies have been published… all agreeing that humans are driving accelerated climate change unprecedented in geologic history. All, that is, except two. And that’s the side you’re going with… the extreme fringe insusceptible to what reality is telling us and incapable of drawing reasonable conclusions from it. And reality tells us to expect more extreme weather events including cold, you nit. This is a typical winter storm made that much worse by changes to climate and sea level precipitated (love the pun) by AGW. That you can’t connect the weather dots because cold isn;t hot, you see, is no reason to think the dots are not connectable; it means you cannot draw lines because your brain doesn’t work well.

    • Wayne says:

      Around the world, off of Florida, Central America, Japan, and Egypt we have oceans 50 feet deeper than 2,000 years ago.

      Stating that you know Global Warming to within a degree is like all the weather experts saying that New York City would be covered by three fee of snow just days ago …. It may be right, but it may be wrong.


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