Obama’s tax plan in simple English


Have you noticed how difficult our (US) taxes are?

Let me give you a model that explains US taxation simply and in English.

What is being done is extra taxation upon money. So, it is as if they taxed your vacation; and then if you made money on your vacation; they tax you again.

So, you fly to Vegas, they tax 60% of your plane ticket.

Then when you get to Vegas, they want to tax you 40% of your money as you change it into chips so you can entertain yourself at the gambling tables.

Then they want to tax you 40% as you change your chips back into dollars.


So they can bail out their special interest groups. The largest interest group is Welfare. 1/3 of our budget goes to pay welfare.

But, there are other huge welfare recipients. You pay taxes, so they do not have to.

Bill Gates, George Soros, GE, Warren Buffet.

Taxation at 10% is a burden. But, when they tax a small group at 40% so other groups do not have to even pay 10%, this is crazy and sick.

What do you think?



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