PBS reports on Putin


This was an interesting Frontline ‘article’ on Putin. PBS reports on Putin. 98% of the article was anti-Putin. Some was honest. But, some was propaganda, IMHO.

And, I admit their reporting made Europe and America look as corrupt as they made Russia seem to be.

So, who is more corrupt?

I do not know. But, it was ironic that they spent time making Russia corrupt. But, then they kept pointing out, it was western governments getting rich off of Russia.

Everyone who revealed the corruption was ‘killed.’

But, they had too many survivors for the story to be true, I think.

Then they mentioned the ‘Arab Spring’ scaring Russia.

What they forgot to mention was the ‘Democracy Movements’ were USAID operations to overthrow specific governments. They forgot to mention that Russia was (is) on the overthrow list.

Which is worse? I do not know. But, PBS made money by making Putin look like a ‘criminal.’

Logically, if you replaced ‘Putin’ with the producer from PBS, it would be no different. They used a series of talking heads to make their case. But, their case was weak.

And I am not a Putin fan. I have many Russian friends who are Putin fans.

I have mentioned this before, I am against what Russia is doing now. But, Why is USAID sponsoring ‘Democracy Movements’ to overthrow governments and scaring Russia?

How do we untangle the corruption? Both within and without Russia.

And no. The airliner being shot down did not galvanize the West. The West did more for ‘Ebola’ than they have done for Ukraine.

How is our corruption better than the corruption in Russia? When will our actions match our words?



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