3 Reasons why Islam is hateful


With tonights ‘peace’ rally in Garland for Islam, I wonder why we allow Islam to claim to be peaceful?

Let US compare: Islam 1.6 Billion people and 450 million radicals. More than 2 Billion Christians and there are so few radicals, we cannot even count them.

So, friends here are 3 reasons why Islam is hateful.

The first is the above comparison. 30% of Islam is violent, or directly supports violence.

Here is the Liberal view point claiming 200 million support violence (about 12%). As if 200 million is not large enough to be a problem? A better list of studies of Islamic support for violence can be found here. The low numbers are in countries like England and the US, where 20% to 25% of Muslims support terror within their ‘country.’ Most of the rest of Islam support violent Muslims from 40% to over 60%.

Second, the Koran supports violence.


We have Muslims around the world committing violence against civilian targets. We have parents killing their own children.

Friends, I cannot see Islam as a peaceful religion. I see Islam as a hateful religion.

What do you think?



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3 Responses to 3 Reasons why Islam is hateful

  1. QuiCreva says:

    That Islam is violent, arrogant, hypersensitive to criticism, intolerant, mysogynistic, etc. is patently obvious to any honest individual. Those who refuse to see Islam as the world’s problem are either self-blinded by political correctness, grossly ignorant, or simply stupid. Enough already.

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