I am not JeSuisCharlie


I regret the deaths in Paris. I pray for peace. I pray for comfort for the families of the fallen.

But, I AM NOT Charlie. I am not JeSuisCharlie.

I am an American. I am a Patriot. I am a Christian.

All things Charlie was against.

I can ally with Liberals against the greater enemy, Islamic terrorists. But, Liberalism ignored the threat of Islamic terrorists. Liberals focused on people like me.

80 year old veterans are strip searched, while Muslims are passed through security at airports. To not ‘offend.’



Less than 12 Liberals are killed, and the media FREAKS OUT.

How many more thousands of US must die before the media remembers warriors are dying to protect them?

We are at WAR. There are more than 100,000 enemy combatants. Over a thousand terrorists are in Europe, and probably another thousand in the US.

I thank God these terrorists are not very good. But, they are killing people just because we are different.

I am not JeSuisCharlie, but I am an American Patriot. And we need to shut down Muslim terror. We need to stop importing terror.

And we need to change CNN’s narrative. This is not about economic inequality – poor people cannot afford to fly to Syria to fight.

I pray for peace. But, I know we are at war.



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10 Responses to I am not JeSuisCharlie

  1. limey says:

    No Wayne, my logic does not lead to that at all.

    I never said making a joke about race because of skin colour was acceptable. I said making a serious point through the comic avenue known as satire should be encouraged. The two are not the same and am I sure that you are aware of that so please don’t twist what I say or what that magazine was about.

    If homour make you or me uncomfortable, that I say that is a good thing. Humour in satire should be not a safe guarentee. It should make us stop and think. You and I should both welcome challenges to our world views because by facing those challenges we become better people.

    I am not intolerant because I welcome satire that makes me uncomfortable and I welcome humour that makes me laugh and think. You should do too.

    In refusing to defend the right of those dead people to write satire you are complicit in supporting terrorism, which those killers would probably call patriotism for their religion. Do you really want to align yourself with that?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      You always point out what is so apparent to the rest of US.

      I did not twist what you wrote. You twisted what you believe ….

      Either there are offensive subjects that we should not encourage or there are not.

      You cannot have free speech both ways.

      You are intolerant of those who disagree with you. And you twist what you believe and others believe ….

      You even stated that to agree with you, I must support offensive satire. Just because you like it.

      Sorry. I have defended your freedoms …. but, that does not mean I must agree with you.


      • limey says:

        Wow Wayne. You’re so confident you think you can tell me what I believe even after I have explained it to you?

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your comment.

        Do you ever read what you write? Yes, I mirrored your comments back at you. And I did not need to get as personal (as often).

        You can discuss rationally, and we can agree to disagree.

        But, we don’t have to trade stupid insults to examine what you and I believe.

        Thank you again,


      • limey says:

        You do make me chuckle at times Wayne.

        Changing track … If you insist on your views stated here and your opinion of hate and that it should not be allowed. Then may I suggest you look back on your history of comments on gays and use the same judgment on them.

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you again.

        I do not satire gay people. Never have. So, I am lost as to how hateful satirical speech is the same as telling the truth about the gay agenda?

        Further, I defended the privilege of insane Liberals to hate on Islam. But, that does not mean I must agree with them, nor must I say they are correct for being insane Liberals or hating on Islam.

        You only feel that one world view is correct in the world, and that view is yours. Well, my view of the world is from me, not from you. Maybe if I had your experience(s) I would feel similar to you, but even then I am not sure.



  2. limey says:

    Wayne, you’ve made the same mistake that those murders made. You’ve mistaken satire for hate. Satire is comedy not hate speech.

    Satire is good because it gets across serious points in a light way. It’s great at removing the seriousness of the things that differ.

    If we can’t laugh at and worth each other then life is too serious. Religion should encourage satire not demonise it.

    This says more about your own intolerance than it does about liberals.

    • Wayne says:

      No. I made no mistake. Intentional satirical offense is hatred of someone else’s values.

      If you and I disagree, and my only response is, “You are a stupid fool,” I am using hate speech.

      Charlie used extremism, just as the terrorists do. Unfortunately, the terrorists were willing to murder as well and offend.

      And your response says more about the intolerance of Liberals for views of than their own than it does about me.


      • limey says:

        Sorry Wayne,

        Being the subject of a joke does not mean you are hated. This is a very serious point that is increasingly being missed. It’s becoming too trendy to be offended over the smallest thing. Shutting people up for making serious points through comedy is censorship.

        To put it in a positive way. When you learn what other people find funny you become a better person.

        Oh and liberalism is the opposite of intolerance. Intolerance belongs with three extremists. Are you an extremist Wayne?

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your comment.

        You have proven my point. What your logic says it is okay for you to make a joke about Ni*@#$, just because they are black. Or, making a joke about raping a woman, just because they disagree with you.

        That is what you are missing. That is what Liberalism continues to miss.

        HATE IS HATE. And Liberal extremists are the target Muslim extremists say they are targeting ….

        Patriots like myself defend your right to be ignorant and stupid.

        But, that does not make your intolerance a right.

        Further, Liberal humor is not based upon funny. It is based upon making people uncomfortable. The release of comfort leads to anger or laughter.

        Maybe you could study it as I have done?


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