Interstellar was just stellar


The movie Interstellar was just stellar. It did have one great line, “A parent should not have to watch their child die.”

I won’t spoil the movie, but as I quipped outside the theater, “Hollywood really needs to write better story lines.”

The other man had also just watched the movie, and he agreed.

My biggest complaint was the formulaic story line. My second complaint would be the terrible use of foreshadowing.

After a few scenes, you knew if the foreshadowing indicated that the actor should choose the prize behind door on the right, the actor would choose the door on the left. Very formulaic, but opposite of the foreshadowing – different, but not really engaging.

There were several sad scenes. And I thought to myself, “They want me to cry here.”

And in about ten places I knew what the actor would say before they said it.

The special effects were spectacular – even if overdone in places.

I loved the use of silence in space. More movies should use that.

And it reminded me of 2001: A space odyssey. I won’t go through the comparisons, I would spoil the plot. But, I will point out, HAL was played by a different character in this movie.

Tell me what you thought of the movie.


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