3 reasons why our problem is privilege not racism


While there are many problems with privilege, I will identify 3 reasons why our problem is privilege not racism.

Growing up, we didn’t have people running around screaming, “I am black. You are white. That makes you a racist, because you are a privileged white man.”

And you will notice, you do not see activists running around screaming, “LOOK! It is a white woman, she has ‘white privilege!'”

First, activists twist race into racism. But, race is not prejudice. There is skin color. If you are a white person in a room with one hundred Hispanics, you could find your self thinking, “Wow. Am I the only white man (woman) here?” Notice, you were not thinking, “What are all of these ____ doing here?”

And yes, I am leading your thoughts, but this is the difference between race, it does exist, and racism that we are programmed to think rules America. We are programmed to believe there is racism everywhere by activists turning race into racism.

Second, we are privileged. But, we are told we are poverty-stricken. We are taught we are poor.

As I have pointed out, welfare is one-third of our budget. Because of the large amount of money we spend on welfare, everyone in the USA, except a few homeless, are able to buy homes, cars, cell-phones, and many other niceties. They are not starving.

They are not living on a dollar a day, which is what the rest of the world considers ‘poverty.’

We are privileged. All of US. But, the Elite twist the message around to think we are not privileged.

Imagine the last seven years. So let US use a different story of the last seven years. Imagine President Obama coaching the Chicago Bears. Imagine his touring the world. And instead of telling everyone how great Chicago is, he says, “Any team is great in its own way. The Bears have not been excellent. They have been lucky. Everyone else has an excellent team.”

Do you think the Bears would have renewed his contract in 2012?

No. But, we are privileged, we are excellent. Not in the way everyone is, but we are the “Shining light on the hill.” We are where everyone else wants to come.

You do not have people lining up ‘to win the lottery’ to go to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia.

And finally, we can say what we want to say. Activists have the privilege of speaking their mind, even when wrong.

That is why the activists are not going to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia.

That is why activists are not trying to win the lottery to take their message to the rest of the world. We have Freedom to Speak. They do not.

You noticed, I hope, all three problems with privilege are problems of the Elite twisting what privilege means? They twist race into racism; wealth into poverty, or privilege into non-privilege; and they abuse their Freedom of Speech to abuse US with their nonsense.

I think they should go to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia and practice their nonsense there and see how long they stay out of jail.

What do you think?



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1 Response to 3 reasons why our problem is privilege not racism

  1. Ed Libetario says:

    Absolutely right, you Wayne!

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