The Great Recession


The Great Recession will haunt US for decades.

I found a site that tracks the unemployment numbers: Molly’s Mid America

Let me warn you about those statistics, they are from the Golfer in Chief. Molly thinks those of US not working are 85 year old ladies who quit working to retire. She actually wrote that. I do hope she was joking.

But from the data, I think we can see the real disaster.

The study he cited linked to numbers that showed that immigrants accounted for about 70 percent of the net job growth. While that study’s headline was that all of the new jobs went to immigrants, that only held true for a certain age range, which Morici misapplied to all workers.

Morici is correct that foreign-born workers, both citizens and noncitizens, do disproportionately well in the job market.

According to Molly’s data, we are at 5.8% unemployment?

According to Politifact, roughly half of all new jobs go to foreigners, not US citizens. Over 100,000 Americans each month are falling off of the employment grid.

Over 1 Million of US become permanently unemployed each year, so the Progressives can make their numbers look pretty as they give what is left of our job market to the rest of the world and starve US into submission.

Since Obama’s job recovery started giving jobs to all of his muslim refugees in 2010, more than 5 million young, old, no-class, middle-class Americans have quit working.

Labor force participation dropped 4% under Obama – 9.8% is the real current unemployment number for US.

Heritage report.

Young people I speak to are scared. Over 90% are scared by what they feel is being done to US.

I pray for America, will you join me?


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3 Responses to The Great Recession

  1. Helen McKinney says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Yes, it’s truly scary how the unemployment numbers are figured out. A couple of months ago Mark’s unemployment benefits ran out and according to the government, he is now employed. But he is not. We had hoped it would get a CIO role in San Francisco. He was there last weekend with Teran and had very good interviews on Monday. But they chose a local candidate and Mark was once again second. It’s now 8 months without work and we can’t help to think it has to do with his unprotected status of being male and white. Age is supposedly a protected status but we know older candidates are often overlooked.

    Well, hopefully, prayerfully soon. – Helen >

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