Shoot me, I’m black


Earlier, I read statements released from the Grand Jury in Ferguson. They released all of the testimony. And I read Darren Wilson’s description of what happened that night in Ferguson.

He described Brown hitting him twice. He said he did not know if he would survive another punch. And he described Brown working himself up to charge.

As I read the statement from Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting, I thought of a caricature. You know, one of those political cartoon images.

I felt Darren Wilson was describing a bull about to charge. You know, like a political cartoonists will draw to make his point. The bull is standing there about to charge with it’s front hoofs pawing up the ground and stirring dust. Steam blowing out of his nose.

And at the other end of the cartoon is the Matador.

I felt the political cartoonist would draw in one of those bubbles. Inside the bubble, he would write, “Shoot me, I’m black.”

And isn’t that the real problem?

Political caricature of the problems in America has left US without hope and angry. Angry at the white man, because he is privileged. Anger from the black man, because political leaders tell him to be angry.

But, that is NOT what I see on the street.

I walked up to a young black man working at my local McDonald’s. I placed my hand briefly on his shoulder and said, “I am praying for your generation.”

At first, he looked at me like, “What is this crazy white guy saying to me?”

For a moment, I thought I would offend him.

Then he relaxed.

I could see it in that moment, he expected the caricature of whites and blacks do not have anything good to say to each other. Just a spark. Not anger. Closer to fear.

Then he relaxed. He replied, “Thank you. We need it.”

That was NOT the way it was when I was growing up. Yes, there were racists. But, like another country boy once said to one, “Well, when all of you city folks get crazy, don’t come out here in the country causing trouble. ‘Cause I garoantee all of us country boys, white and black, will shoot you.”

And that was mostly the way it was. Some trouble makers, white and black, but the rest of US did not want anything to do with racism. We were ALL Americans.


Racism is the marching order the rich Elite Liberals give to those few young men who follow them.

As long as it is the marching order, who do we believe?

Darren Wilson? Or, the other witnesses?

Was Michael Brown the victim of Liberal racism? Or was he the victim of a police officer and his racism?

I doubt we will know that for certain this side of heaven, but Liberal racism is only breeding doubt, anger, and hatred.

Instead, we should pray for each other.

Don’t you agree prayer is better than rage?



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2 Responses to Shoot me, I’m black

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    There was No evidence of murder. This is what I’ve been saying all along. They don’t want justice, but black revenge. Where was it that stealing hair extensions, mobile phones, liquor standing up for M. Brown? How about setting fire to business and cars? None of this was about justice.

  2. I would say that all media outlets using racial tension to sensationalize this case bear the blame for promoting violence. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, they all report with a bent to their stories. Fox itself hosted many programs decrying the peaceful protests in Ferguson when this story originally broke.

    In this situation, there really needed to be a trial. Notice I didn’t say conviction. Regardless of the grand jury’s decision, media outlets are going to fan any available flames in an effort to gain viewers. A trial would have forced outlets to keep onto the facts rather than let people in the street take all the attention away from this tragedy.

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