3 things wrong in America.


I have an interesting family. Historically, my family is American. I am a mix of several backgrounds and races. A small amount of Native American & French with an equal mix of English and Scot.

My family was all here well before the Revolution – the last of them had just worked off their ‘indentured’ servitude, before we helped start a war we would win. Culloden was a battle we lost. Slavery by any name is wrong.

None of that means I am the authority. That would be a failure in logic for me to assume that.

And losing logic is the first of 3 things wrong in America.

We have lost logic, replaced hard work with welfare, and forgotten the God who blessed America.

The first and saddest overall is the loss of logic. Correct. I am a Christian, but I do believe good people can live on this earth without Jesus. I know that will lead them to a bad place in the future, but you can still like a good life if good logic is in place.

But, logic is no longer common in our world. We used to always talk about ‘horse sense,’ ‘common sense,’ and ‘just plain smart.’

We always discussed the wisdom of doing good business, now business leaders discuss the ‘disruptive’ economy. That means they want to destroy their competitors and even entire markets in order to make their profit. Here is an article about market disruption.

Not very logical. But, very profitable.

In Northern Ireland, they are in serious trouble. They have 18% of their people trying to support the other 82% … Another Socialist Welfare State is failing.

When will we learn that pure welfare is terrible. NOTE: I did not say some welfare is bad, but once you tip the balance beyond 5% of your income, any organization is paying too much into welfare. And when a government is paying 60% of their country’s people, they are way beyond the safety of a simple 5%.

And I have written about this before. Why America is poor.

In America, we have convinced ourselves we are poor. Okay, Liberals are trying to convince US we are poor. But, all Americans find ourselves in the top 2% to 4% of the world in income – the numbers fluctuate, so I do not want to say for certain whether we are closer to 2% or closer to 4%. But, we are NOT poor. Those who are poor in America have made poor choices.

That does not mean everyone does not wish they had more. When your neighbor has a $200,000 house and 4 luxury cars in his driveway, it is easy to wish you had a little more. Yes, I have several government employees in my neighborhood. And yes, they live well.

Welfare almost always is disruptive. It disrupts the natural desire all of US have to provide for ourselves. Notice how they re-define it? It is called an ‘entitlement.’ We re-define welfare so it sounds like someone has a job, and earned a paycheck.

Then there is my third note for today.

We have forgotten the God who made America great.

You do not have to believe in God. But, to wipe the Christian God out of public life, out of football game prayers, out of schools, and out of our courts and politics is UNAMERICAN.

America was founded upon the faith that GOD had placed rights on this Earth for US to enjoy. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness were not declared to have come from government. Our leaders declared those rights come from God.

We did not declare our independence from God, but from an abusive dictator who abused God and his ordained power. We moved away from abuse of God and his name to a better union with each other and with God.

We became the greatest country on God’s green earth – God blessed US so much that even those who do not believe in Jesus want to come here and live on our benevolence.

And then they tell US to take down anything that might offend those who do not respect our history.

And as Americans, we made many mistakes. But, do not tread upon the God who blessed US for what we did right.

I do not have the right to go to Mecca and build an auditorium for Christians to worship in, so why are we told we must build mosques for Muslims to worship in here?

Why are we always told to discriminate against Christ and for other gods?

If you want other gods, pursue them and see if they bless you.

But, do not dismiss the God who made America great.

Please, respond with respect, logic, and dignity.



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