3 reasons Why Russia invaded Ukraine.


I think there are three main reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

And no, the reasons are not location, location, location. Those three reasons would be for buying and selling real estate.

But, location is one of the three. The other two are response to western aggression and political expediency.

So, I will go backwards through these like this: western aggression; political expediency; and location.

For the last 5 years, mostly during the Obama Administration, there has been a coordinated effort by western powers to spread progressive politics around the world.

There has been world-wide expansion of progressive politics. They believed they could make the world a better place, and they did pull billions of people out of poverty as they pushed hundreds of millions of people down from the middle class into poverty. After they pushed people out of poverty, they decided republican democracy should be forced upon all people throughout the world.

This push led to the Arab Spring, social change, and the current Gay Marriage movement. As the social change progressed, many people around the world attacked leaders in countries around the world who were not progressive.

The Arab Spring was backed by US and European governments. The gay agenda world-wide has been supported by the US government (please explain that one?) Then the battle-ground shifted into Syria, not Bahrain, Yemen, or Saudi Arabia. The latter three are ‘still’ our friends. Even though their recent history has been much worse than Assad’s.

Economically, the US and Europe has tried to spread the cost of their economic mistakes to other people. This cost Russians billions of dollars as Europe stole money from Russians to pay to bail out Cyprus.

I blogged on this before, here.

Politically, Russia does not currently have the power to ‘project’ very far. They learned how difficult power projection was for them during their Afghanistan war.

Invading Ukraine also gave Russia an additional boost of morale at home.

And sadly, Ukraine was not prepared for invasion and war.

So, politically, invading was Ukraine was the best choice to counter western aggression towards Russian policies.

Lastly, location.

Yes, Ukraine is close, but the location is much deeper than that.

Under eastern Ukraine (Donbas region) there are huge reservoirs of coal, and more importantly, rare earth metals. These rare earth metals are needed by Russian (and American) industry. Especially, aerospace and military industries.

Many of the rare earth metals are almost exclusive to eastern Ukraine.

There you have my 3 top reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

What do you think are your three top reasons why?



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