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Why are so many Atheists so angry?

Friends, I did it again, I asked simple, very simple questions of some atheists. I was attacked, repeated ad hominems. I was threatened with being banned from the web site. I have been blocked, but I was told that “You … Continue reading

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Falsifiable predictions in support of God

Friends, Have you ever noticed that Atheists will always ask for ‘predictions’ to prove God? He did give a lot of those in the Bible. But, they want more. And they always want them ‘falsifiable.’ Well, would they prove a … Continue reading

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For my atheist readers

For my atheist readers, some of whom attain the status of friend, I wrote something similar to what follows in reply to a comment on my post Is Evolution True? Darwinian evolution while ‘cute,’ does not answer the following questions. … Continue reading

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