The problem with


I will address the problems with many things shortly.

What led me to start this series was a book about Charles Darwin and Evolution. I was reading when suddenly, I thought, The problem with a genius is they argue even when they are wrong, and they always have to be right, especially when they are wrong.

I will blog on some of those things which annoy me most, about genius, Evolution, and other topics. But I wanted to share the annoyance with you before I go “Attack Mode”.

Have you ever known a ‘smart person’ who would not discuss with you? They would only lecture down to you?

That was the spark in the tinder of my mind. And my mind was prepared for a blazing fire by what happened today.

Long list is too long, but I met many interesting people, and I had a crazy woman try to crash into me – I’ll give you her plate number, so maybe we can catch and stop her, before she kills someone.

After all of the excitement, I read another almost great book on Evolution. And all I can think about are all the problems.

I hope I am not scaring you off.



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