Russians continue to invade Ukraine


In case you think the Russian propaganda is accurate, here is a Russian admitting 90% of the troops under him are Russian, just like he is.

– What is the relation to your business and local Russians?

– In our group 90% of the Russians, and the rest – the citizens of Donetsk. They call themselves Russian. Of Russian Urals half, half – Siberians.

– Why are not local?

– Sam in shock: they go to Russia, and we come here! They do not want their land to protect! Yesterday I was one my grandfather said, “Yes, I do not care, who will only be paid a pension.” War veteran, all in awards and medals. My jaw dropped, I have nothing more to say but could not. What to say to the person who has the medals, and he does not care, who will pay a pension – or our fascists.

Translated by on 11 Oct 2014.

A former soldier, a businessman, a friend of President Putin’s, he tells everyone he is just a simple ‘peasant.’

Scary. Most of my Russian friends do not hate Ukraine. But, the Russians who do hate Ukraine more than make up for those who do not.

Don’t you think?


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