ISIS murders hundreds of Iraqi soldiers


Sunday, ISIS slaughtered 400 to 500 Iraqi soldiers at an isolated military base. The ISIS pierced the base’s defenses in multiple locations. Several groups of Iraqi soldiers fought their way through the terrorists. About 50% of those soldiers got through to a nearby base.

Islamic State attack on Iraqi soldiers.

Wow. After massive strikes against the terrorists’ command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) locations, they still conducted a massive strike against a fixed defender.

For all of CNN’s ‘experts’ saying that these guys are not able to do this or that, they just did something that al-Qaeda was not able to do to the US Army in Afghanistan.

You can claim that the Iraqi soldiers did not want to fight very well. You can claim they were not the best. But, they should have been about equal fighters to their enemy …. Because, they knew, it was fight or die.

What do you think?


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