Welfare pays better than a job in 35 states


The CATO institute’s study is attacked by both liberals and conservatives.

But, I got this data from Welfare payout statistics will make [you] really angry/.

In 35 states you can make more money on welfare than you can working. And a whole lot more money than folks in other states who are working.

So, why don’t we fix the problem? Because Liberals want to raise the minimum wage.

You must love their devious plan.

If wages in the US remain at their current levels, jobs will return to the US. But, THEY WANT JOBS TO GO AWAY. So, what have they done? They raised welfare to above what a worker makes, so now we must feel sorry for the worker and give them pay hikes ….

So, their jobs will got to China.

Okay. I understand the economics, and the politics. But, what about the simple facts?

People who work contribute to society? Workers are happier? And the biggest?

Workers PAY TAXES ….

I thought the Liberals WANTED more tax money?


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