Immigrants get a lot of welfare


I grew up on the border. And I have always sympathized for Mexican Americans wanting a better life in the USA. Many ‘Mexicans’ are from here, and are stigmatized by those from the northern 48 states as ‘illegals.’

Oh well.

But, studies still indicate illegal and legal immigrants receive a lot in welfare benefits.

CIS study, accessed September 2014.

The sad part not pointed out in the study? Many of the immigrants receiving assistance are NOT Mexicans. They are Muslims.

I do not know how to separate the two ethnic groups. The Liberals are busy importing Muslim ‘refugees’ even though they are linked to terrorist groups. They have imported about 2.5 Million ‘refugees.’ But, they always talk about the ‘illegal’ problem.

Personally, I think we need a 10 year hold on immigration. We need to fix our economy, and make our jobs work for Americans. But, some will think that is too radical.

What do you think?



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