What about Benghazi?

Are we already distracted by all the bad news, wars, and plagues?

Or, should we watch Trey Gowdy today? Benghazi.House.Gov

I think I mentioned I met the Ambassador, Amb Stevens, before he was assassinated. I tried to talk with the Government Employee with him, but all I really got was anger and:

We are doing this for ‘Big Business’ and for our ‘Friends.’

I was not impressed.

But, does that mean I should ignore the terrible events of that day?

Should I turn a blind eye to all of the cover-up?

Should I ignore the reporters who have sacrificed and risked their careers to uncover this story?

As much as I love Ukraine, and I want to go back, this story is also important. Not that the thousands of Ukrainians being slaughtered because of bad US Foreign Policy is not important, but that this story is also important.

Will you watch?


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