For my Gay readers


I know some of you are gay, you have said so in the comments. And some of you just support the gay agenda.

Some of you tell me there are no injured people. All the attackers are pedophiles.

I do not know if this video is real, or if the man’s story is true. But it is most likely true.

Spider says he was groomed and used for sex when he was 12 by a ‘friend.’ Some of you will say the perpetrator was a pedophile, and others will say he was gay.

12 is at the borderline. Maybe the man was a pedophile, maybe he was gay.

Is the gay agenda willing to say, “No more hurting children or teenagers?”

Spider’s Story.

What do you say?


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13 Responses to For my Gay readers

  1. tildeb says:

    Gay agenda? This is the reality for far too many kids.

    What you’re talking about is pedophilia. And 12 isn’t a borderline age: it’s statutory rape if done by anyone old enough to be considered a legal adult … no borders about about it.

    • Wayne says:

      It is rape. So why do you call it pedophilia instead of gay rape?

      No border about it – protect the children.

      • tildeb says:

        Because of the difference in definition of the act.

        You don’t call the rape of a woman by a man straight rape any more than you call pedophilia by a man against a boy gay rape.

      • Wayne says:

        You continue to use the gay agenda’s definitions, not the normally accepted.

        While there are many children raped, and the victims of pedophilia, most of the rapes are of pubescent, NOT pre-pubescent, teenagers. That is gay sexual attraction, not pedophilia.

        Both are wrong. One is by a pervert, the other by what? Are you calling the others normal?


    • Wayne says:

      Your emotional video supports my call to protect children from the agenda.


      • tildeb says:

        The agenda – as you like to call it – is to establish equality rights and end legal discrimination. You can’t be against this and still be a patriotic American, Wayne. Your choice.

        When homosexuality is no longer vilified, you will only then begin to protect these children from this kind of stupid, brutal, and ignorant caregivers.

      • Wayne says:

        I am against your definition of Patriotism.

        My family was on the Mayflower, at the Tea Party, in the Alamo.

        Your choice, do you defend children?

        Or do you turn and run in fear of patriotism?


      • tildeb says:

        Last time I checked, one was a patriot if one was willing to defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. That Constitution grants all of us equality rights. And here’s the point, Wayne: How has your thinking led you to the point where you want to deny certain citizens rights that you yourself enjoy? Simply put, this thinking is unpatriotic.

        You’ve led yourself astray but you can think your way back into alignment by realizing your bias against gays justifies legal discrimination. It is your bias that is wrong. It promotes the kind of discriminatory actions we see in this video and does so in the name of piousness. It is vile. The United Sates’ Constitution purposefully omits such piousness from affecting the making of equality laws because you can’t have it both ways… patriotism and piousness… as you so ably demonstrate. You cannot serve two contrary masters.

        Don’t just wave this criticism away; think on it because you are behaving badly and in an unpatriotic way that causes real harm to real children. You. Not the young gays. You. That’s where your thinking leads and forces you to try to justify in ways contrary to and incompatible with the Constitution.

        It’s okay to feel shame. All of us make mistakes. The burden now is to try to rectify them when we are made aware of them. Stop being a bigot and start being a patriot.

      • Wayne says:

        Simply put.

        My family was THERE, then. I am here NOW.

        We have always defended the Constitution while others spread fear and hatred to defeat US.

        It is okay for you to admit your failure, you are mistaken when you think

        I will not fight for the children.

        You want the children raped, and then you attack my Patriotism thinking you still have a chance to defeat a defender of the Faith, The Constitution, and the Children.

        Think again, you lost.


      • tildeb says:

        Wayne, this is seriously distorted and disturbed comprehension on your part. In no way, shape, or fashion do I want children raped.. physically, emotionally, or intellectually. I want each and every one of them to enjoy exactly the same rights and freedoms I have. It is slander on your part to suggest otherwise.

        You do not wish to allow everyone the same rights and freedoms you enjoy because you wish to discriminate against a group (that you believe acts out of sexual immorality) and keep those who belong to this group from enjoying the same rights and freedoms you have. This is a brute fact. It is this willingness to discriminate in law that makes you unpatriotic. It’s unpatriotic because it is unconstitutional. That, too, is a brute fact. That’s why courts continue to dismantle and disestablish legal discrimination you wish to support. That brute fact probably angers you but it’s true, nevertheless. What I am saying is that the legal discrimination you advocate makes you unpatriotic.

        Your family history is irrelevant to this point I raise. That you believe yourself a defender of your Constitution by advocating for legal discrimination reveals the depth and scope of your confusion based on beliefs that continue to delude you into thinking that up mans down, that white is another kind of black, that advocating for legal discrimination on the basis of your religious beliefs is Patriotism. You are wrong on all accounts. Slandering me doesn’t alter your willingness to be correctly labeled as unpatriotic.

        If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then…

      • Wayne says:

        You are a traitor to the USA, and you betray children.

        And the coward that you are, you call me unPatriotic.

        The Constitution is not there for YOU to twist – that is treason. Clear and simple.

        Your confusion brought on by your mental illness is NOT my fault – it is the fault of the person in your mirror.

        And you may end up reading my blog and no longer able to slander on my blog.

        Stop your lies and your delusion.

      • tildeb says:

        Wayne, seek help.

      • Wayne says:

        You improved slightly.

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