Is the Ebola epidemic Bio-Warfare?


When you look at the map of outbreaks, three things stand out, time and location. Okay, location is two things.

The outbreaks are separated by significant amounts of time, usually years.

Then we have two types of location. Rural versus city, and separated epidemics. Separated by 2,500 miles.

BBC report with map.

The time element doesn’t tell us much.

But, the transition from rural central Africa to far western cities is a huge pair of locations that do cause US to ask, “Is this Bio-Warfare? Is this terrorism?

This is the first epidemic to concentrate in cities. It is the only Ebola epidemic to hit western Africa.

And it has almost wiped out the local doctors – Medical responders have always suffered from this disease, but never in these numbers or percentages.

So, I ask, “Do you think that this was terrorism?



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