I said it, I was right.


When I got that creepy thought in my gut that the reason Pres. Obama was working for two days this week, because he knew about the violence in Ferguson before it happened, I thought, “That is crazy! Surely his community organizing team would not go that far?

Obama quits his golf vacation to practice being a president.

Not dealing with Syria, the terrorists in Iraq and Syria, not dealing with the terrorists in Libya, Mali, or Egypt.

Do you remember he funded the Muslim Brotherhood to start those wars? Over $200 million ….

Not dealing with terrorists bombing Israel.

Not to attend the funeral of the first General Grade Officer killed in war since Vietnam ….

Or even Russia invading Ukraine.

Instead he cut his vacation short, because he knew about the violence over the weekend ….

For all my friends who warned me. To all those who said, “He has only been a community organizer and nothing else his entire life,”

I apologize.

You were right.

The only thing he can do well is organize community outrage at the machine:

Even when he is the machine.

Can we turn US around?


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